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Do you want to make your children's dream come true??  Make a date with The Dark Knight of MI for that surprise birthday party or special event.  See below for available dates and set up that special day!  Once you find a date that works, send me an email to set up the event and get answers to any questions you have or specifics you want to share regarding a party or event.  




Comic book superhero's have captivated us for many years. While they provide a source of entertainment, there is also the element of inspiration that one may strive to be better always improving oneself, never giving up no matter what the odds and facing our fears head on. The goal of this service is to provide children and young adults that inspiration! To help them realize no matter what their adversity, they can take on the challenges that lay before them and succeed. To comfort them knowing they are not alone and that even their favorite superhero, Batman, is supporting them from the shadows. Email me to set up a visit or event!! 
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--"Whatever 'it' is, I would like to hear from you. Whether you need more information on services offered or just want to comment on your experience with the Dark Knight, send me a message". Thanks!!

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​Disclaimer: Please note there is a FEE for the party and special events service that is subject to change at any time. While  designed for services mainly in local areas of the lower half of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, other accommodations could be considered on a case by case basis and pricing adjusted accordingly for parties and special events.   While I will make every effort to satisfy your requests, the specific sites and travel time needed will affect how many appointments can be made in one day or weekend.  Your cooperation and patience are much appreciated.  Because Michigan is a seasonal state I will not be able to have the batmobile available for all events, and also whether I drive the batmobile to any event will be weather dependent.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Also, while this will be a rare instance, I reserve the right to cancel scheduled events at any time.  Should this occur I will make every effort to provide adequate notice.